Something Dark at The Market Theatre – special offer

Something Dark

Lemn Sissay! Theatre Direct from the Uk ! Dont Miss it! Only a Few Days left: “Something Dark” by award winning poet and actor at the Market Theatre, Newtown: Joburg : Ends 28th November 2010

Something Dark – special offer

Special offer for a limited period only. Ticket prices are R60, applicable for all shows Tuesdays to Sundays, commencing Friday 5 November.

This autumn Lemn Sissay returns to the Market Theatre with his solo performance work, Something Dark, which tells the story of his experiences growing up in the UK care system. This is the story that he has always wanted to tell.

He didn’t meet a black person until he was ten years old. He didn’t know a black person until he was seventeen years old. He has become one of the most famous living poets in Britain. This is the incredible back story of his life, his monumental search not for his family but in many ways for himself.

Something Dark tells the story of how he was taken away from his mother, of her attempts to get him back from the British social services system and of their disastrous attempts at care. Stolen from his family, denied his African heritage. It’s as if they even tried to stop him looking in mirrors so that he wouldn’t ask – WHO AM I. But he did and it was the beginning of the end of the lies and deception. This had been a childhood built on duplicity and untruths and only Lemn’s courage and determination could free him from these false beginnings and help him to find the darkest hidden truths in light of his search. Something Dark.

A heartrending story of the power of a young African boy lost to his family, exiled from himself: a stolen son of the continent. This is his triumphant story. Taking the audience on an emotional journey from traumatic beginnings; through the adventures of discovering his true family will he finally arrive at a place of reconciliation or wreckage?

Something Dark is the powerful testimony fuelled with passion and hope.

What the Media say :

A triumph * * * * * The Scotsman

The sheer intimacy of poet Lemn Sissay’s performance underpins the power of this monologue The Stage

He seems illuminated from within, gives an adrenaline-fuelled performance. The actor’s glorious smile and his flair for turning personal struggle into stand-up and poetry is effortlessly entertaining. – The Guardian unlimited

A big hearted pleasure Time Out (critics choice)