About Us

Southern African Arts Exchange (SA Arts Exchange) is a non –profit organization which produces, manages and creates cultural programmes throughout the year, which are both entertaining and educational.

The cultural projects involve both international and local artists as well as focusing on important local and global issues, affecting civil society. Southern African Arts Exchange was started in 2001.

The Urban Voices International Arts Festival is one of its main projects, also started in 2001 and his hosted by Southern African Arts Exchange. Urban Voices brings together artists from Africa and its diaspora to share experiences through the medium of arts and culture, in an original and thought provoking way.

Besides the annual Urban Voices Festival which usually takes place annually in October we, also organize other cultural events under the Urban Voices banner. Thus far we have organized 9 annual Urban Voices Festivals including various other cultural events and workshops under the Urban Voices and its mother body , Southern African Arts Exchange, since 2001.